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Family Therapy Session


Wendy West-Pidkaminy LCSW has a profound way of using God's word to tap into our inner strengths and unique talents that propels us from a life of mediocracy to the healthy, abundant, fruitful life God wants for us. Hearing Wendy has helped not only strongholds to be broken in myself, but her genuine encouragement and love has helped me grow and flourish in all areas of my life.

A Counseling Client

I am a single mom of two very active children. During the middle of the 2008 school year my daughter that is in High School became depressed and withdrawn from many things. She became distant and was having a hard time at school as she didn’t want to go to classes and have any part of her high school. She claimed that there were many girls there that were being mean and causing all kinds of drama and involving her (Along with this she was dealing with the loss of her uncle she was very close with and a Dad whose not in the picture). After many and many countless talks with my daughter I approached the high school principal. He made me aware of our school social worker Mrs. Pidkaminy aka Mrs. P. I personally had no clue as to who she was or what her job exactly would entail. One thinks or even hears the name social worker and you get all scared and nervous. I can honestly and with all my heart say Mrs. P was nothing like I had imagined. First off she was a down to earth professional individual who took everything both my daughter and myself said and explained to her to heart. She worked with my daughter on a day to day basis in helping her stay in school and helping her set personal goals within reach. When my daughter had a good day Mrs.P seemed to have known and would be right there to smile and let my daughter know she was doing good. As when’s he was or would have a bad day Mrs. P would be right there with an open ear and a shoulder to even cry on if needed. Some days it would seem the bad out weighed the good however over time the good over took the bad and the sun began to shine again.

After a few months of her working with my daughter on a daily basis she managed to get my daughter back into regular classes and back on track. I am so excited and so very happy and blessed that Mrs. P was introduced to our family.

I am so happy to say my daughter is now a Junior in high school and on the high honor roll. She is back playing sports and has a part-time job and back to her big brown eyed happy self. I have my daughter back. The daughter that enjoys to attend to school and the one that smiles on a day to day basis. Its so comforting again to hear your child say that they had a good day at school. To have a child not argue with you in the morning to get up for school. Even now we still communicate with Mrs. P. She may not need to work with my daughter like she once had to however, she still cares about her and her education and her as an individual. For all that she has done I say thank you. I hope no parent has to go through what I have had to endure the past year, however, if they do they would be in the best of hands with Mrs. P.

Thank you for allowing me to tell you this short version of a very long and rough time in our families life. Mrs. P, you are a true gift from god and our family thanks you so very much.

I thank Mrs. P every time I see her or talk to her (And even though she doesn’t need to work with my daughter now on a daily basis she still has much interaction with her and makes sure she is doing well). I even went and sent a letter to our school board thanking them for having such a remarkable and most of all caring individual that works with our children.

I can honestly say that I don’t know where my daughter would be with her education this year if it weren’t for all the hard work, time, care and concern that Mrs. P put into my daughter. School administrators can only do so much as they have such a wide range of responsibilities to deal with on a day to day basis. This being said I hope more schools can find it some how to have such a caring individual to work with their kids on such sensitive issues.

Mother of Two Teenagers

In a short time, Wendy helped me see the lifetime of depression, addiction and bad choices I made could be changed and changed quickly. I feel better and am setting a new course for my life.

Counseling Client

Ms. P helped me work through some major decisions and really tough times. She always supported me, listened to me, helped me think things through and never got upset with me when I made mistakes. Talking to Ms. P helped me think things through and do what was best for me.

Counseling Client

Without Wendy advocating, supporting, encouraging and working with me to create goals and a plan to carry them out, I would not have been able to adopt my four children. Wendy is the best Social Worker in the world. She is like family to me and my children.

Counseling Client

Wendy is a breath of fresh air. No matter how much I tried to talk about my problems she gently pushed me to the positive and into the future.

Coaching Client

Wendy accepts you as you are. She is an amazing person who has influenced me to become the best me I can be.

Teenage Counseling Client

Mrs. P thank you for listening to me and supporting me. You gave me the courage to make changes in my life. I will always remember your kindness and awesome spirit.

Teenage Female Counseling Client

Wendy means so much to us. She is a great person with tons of compassion.

Counseling Clients

Wendy helped me to see the future and to create a plan to follow. She is the reason joy and purpose have returned to my life.

Life Coaching Client

Wendy saved our marriage and our family!

Counseling Client Couple

I have known Wendy West Pidkaminy as a trusted friend and colleague for many years. We first met as Social Work graduate students at Syracuse University. Both of us worked full time in the Child Welfare field and shared the unique challenges of balancing career, education and caring for our families. Both Wendy and I have moved on to successful careers but we continue to collaborate and assist one another. My confidence in Wendy is so great that I would strongly recommend her as a therapist to my closest friends and family if the need arose. She is truly a compassionate individual and an unparalleled professional.

Joseph F. Lyman, LMSW

The clients that Wendy works with instantly feel comfortable talking to her. She has a wonderful genuine personality and uses a positive approach to whatever she tackles. That positivity is catchy!

High School Guidance Counselor

Wendy West Pidkaminy is a dedicated and compassionate mental health therapist and educator in the Syracuse community. Her background includes working for Children’s Protective Services as both a field case manager and supervisor. This experience and sensitivity provides the platform as she presents a pragmatic and effective approach to parenting. She has a truly remarkable ability to make a positive difference for parents and children faced with the significant behavioral challenges of today.

Karen Reid, LCSW

This is not only a tremendous program, but a fundamental way of living, being, and guiding our children to reach their full God given potential. The approach is grounded not only on solid psychology, but the most powerful tool of encouragement. After years of practicing as a Doctoral level psychologist and years as a senior pastor, this is the approach to parenting that not only will change lives, but I believe communities. Wendy is a terrific facilitator and I pray the Nurtured Heart Approach spreads like wildfire.

The Rev. Dr. Robert de Wette

The nurtured heart approach is absolutely amazing. In less than a week, nagging, yelling, frustration and disappointment were replaced with encouragement, loving communications, tranquility and satisfaction. To see the joy and happiness in our children and to feel the peace and contentment in my heart i s beyond what I could ever have imagined would be possible through applying such simple techniques. Our lives have been transformed forever, improving our relationship with our children and others, as well as helping our children to lead the life of greatness intended for them. Wendy and Katherine are excellent facilitators who live to nurture others. They have a passion for sharing this technique and can effectively teach others the strategies that will also lead them to greatness.

Mother of Two Small Children