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Family Therapy Session


Christian Counseling

Thank you for considering Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC to walk with you on your personal journey of healing.  It takes a courageous person to admit they need help.  We, at Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC believe you are not only courageous but you also have skills, talents and abilities already existing in you that will aid us in the process.

Remember,  life has seasons and no one is exempt from personal struggles from time to time.  You can and will come out of this season better than ever if you yield to the will of God in your life and steadfastly pursue a life of victory with your whole heart, soul and spirit!

Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC and its staff counsel from a Christian, non-denominational, strengths based, solution focused (not problem focused) perspective.  We are committed to helping people heal, move into the present and toward the future with deeper love and respect for themselves and others while intensifying their connection to God and His Holy Word.   We do this by providing sound counsel, rooted in Biblical truths and ethics.

Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC uses the tools of the mental health profession, the Truth of the Bible and the professional helpers experience mixed with your collaborative spirit to create a customized, goal oriented plan that can be carried out in a short time frame to bring healing, growth and wholeness.

Counseling Specialization’s

Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC provides comprehensive counseling and psychological services for adolescents, adults, couples and families in the following areas:

General: Depression and anxiety, adjustment issues, neglect and abuse recovery, grief and loss, job stress and burnout, financial troubles, weight management issues, self esteem, guilt and forgiveness, spirituality, anger management and conflict resolution, relationships, social skills and boundary issues.

Couples & Marriages: Marriage counseling, premarital counseling, separation, recovery from adultery and divorce.

Family: Parenting issues, behavior problems, oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, abuse and neglect recovery, school issues and phobias, bed wetting, tantrums, sibling issues, and other concerns and challenges associated with children and teens.

If you are extremely distraught and in an emergency situation right now, contact 911 first or a loved one who can provide immediate one-on-one support, then let us know of your need as soon as possible after you have been helped by paramedics, hospital personnel or loved ones.