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Personal and Professional Coaching

Congratulations! You have taken the first step into personal greatness and inner wealth!  You are obviously a person who values yourself and the dreams you have in your heart to fulfill. You feel pretty good about yourself and your life but you want to brighten your future and feel a constant discontent with where you are now. You know there is more to life and you just have to attain all that is in your heart .   You have the personal power, desire and strength to attain your God given vision.  Now all you need is a neutral guide to challenge, encourage, motivate, educate and collaborate with you to reach your life purpose.  That’s where Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC comes in.

Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC provides Life Coaching from a Biblical perspective to assist you in uncovering obstacles and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.  We facilitate in you the ability to become more self-aware of your special talents, strengths, gifts and uniqueness as you discover and clarify your personal dreams, life’s vision and goals, and strategize and create a plan for your life that overcomes fear and brings you personal joy and peace.

Allow Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC to partner with you so you can achieve fulfilling results in your personal and professional life.  We want to work with you to help you achieve greatness in every area of your life.  We are here to listen, observe and customize a successful approach to meet your needs.  We will support you.  Most importantly, we want to encourage you and let you know that we believe in you.

You should expect Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC to be ethical and professional at all times, holding your information in the strictest of confidence. We’re experts in communication, relationships, and the facilitation of vision and purpose in your life.

We will help you create self awareness, planning and goal setting and will manage progress and accountability to ensure that everything you set in place will become manifest in your life.

Coaching is right for you if you are unhappy with where you are now and need assistance, accountability and a sounding board to take you to the next level.  If you would like to be healthier, happier, more financially stable, and achieve balance and less stress in your life along with more time to do what you enjoy, or if you’re contemplating starting or growing a small business, Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC is the right place to call.

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Coaching Specializations

We have coached stay-at-home moms, supervisors, real estate agents, small business owners, college students, teenagers, artists, teachers, doctors, financial advisors, lawyers, consultants, graduate students, bank executives, armed forces personnel, pastors, and other types of individuals.  Working with a coach is easy because ninety nine percent of it can be done over the phone. Proximity has no bearing on its effectiveness.

We are experts in working with individuals with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder, Boundary Setting, Career Issues, Christian Life, Communication Skills, Decision Making, Finances, Finding and Living One’s Passion and Purpose, Foster Parenting and Adoption, Life Balance, Life Mission, Personal Growth and Identity, Stress Management and Prevention, Time Management, Single Parenting, Weight Loss, Integration of Values into One’s Life and Workplace, Small Business Start Up and Development, Career Change, Business Relationships, Goal Setting, Image Development, Morale, Communication and Conflict Resolution, Creating Movement and Relationships.