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Family Therapy Session


All Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC associates work under the supervision of Wendy A. West Pidkaminy, LCSW. Wendy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified School Social Worker in the state of New York. Wendy has decades of experience working with non-profit organizations, government agencies, school districts, universities, and in private practice, bringing transformation, vision, and healing to countless individuals and families. Wendy and her dedicated staff work from a Christian, strengths based, future oriented perspective.

Brian Pidkaminy

Brian is a Licensed and Ordained Chaplain as well as an accomplished business person who holds a Master of Business Administration. Brian has provided numerous individuals with spiritual guidance in the areas of budgeting and financial freedom. Brian has taught on the college level and regularly provides seminars and weekend retreats for married couples. He is available to aid individuals and couples with spiritual guidance and support in all facets of their lives.